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Dream Contact Cymbals

The Dream Contact cymbal series or the Dream C Series Cymbals are marked “Crash Ride,” “Crash,” and so on. When most of the Bliss cymbals exhibit a low profile, the Contacts are bumped higher and display extra treatments. Atop the pinpoint lathing is an extra round of lathing that results in deeper score lines.

The two Dream Contact splashes, 10" and 12", have a great 'tiss' factor. Being quite thin, they're quick and silvery; the 12" has more mass and plenty of presence while the 10" is just a little bit weak.

Riding the Dream Contact 16" is better than the 18", this is a nice enough crash, but a touch spongy. The 16" has the dryness of the 20" so works as a small, tingly feature ride.

The Dream Contact 20" crash/ride is bone dry, whereas the 22" has much more wash. When crash-riding the 20", the crash erupts, full toned, then dries out quickly, getting right out of the way. The body that surrounds the clear dry stick response is dark and throaty. This is in contrast to the 22", which has a much bigger and broader surround-sound.

Every Dream Contact 20" ride will sound slightly different, so you need to choose with care, but that's the appeal, like rooting out a rare vintage instrument.

The extraordinary thing is that crashing with a stick feels more like you've gone at it with a beater. The buildup is slow, soft as butter, unbelievably deep, and the sustain is forever. This is a cymbal like no other. At whom it's aimed we've no idea, but it's a killer.

But hats off to the Wuhan lathe masters: The combination of the Dream Contact cymbal’s extremely thin edges and large bell promoted a hearty, quick crash that normally would not be possible from such a large, heavy cymbal.

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