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Dream Dark Matter Cymbals

Made in the Gaojiahe Gong Factory, China, the raw and powerful Dark Matter ride cymbals expand the sonic palette of hand-made product lines available from Dream.

The Dream Dark Matter Cymbals are heavy and totally un-lathed. They currently come in two flavors, the Dark Matter Energy Rides and the Dark Matter Flat Earth Rides.

DARK MATTER cymbals are created from a proprietary process where the cymbals are fired more than once during their birth cycle. The extreme stresses and heat from this process create a cymbal that is so dramatically changed on a molecular level that they take months or aging to mature.

They are worth the wait. The sound is powerful but with an uncanny stick clarity making these a spectacular combination of dark sound but total clarity of definition. In a close studio these cymbals will blow your ears away.

The Dark Matter Energy rides feature a “burned” finish, giving them a raw, blackened look that is visually striking.

Ultra-precise stick definition and a very dry, dark sound are strong points with the Dream Dark Matter cymbal. The bell is loud and cutting, piercing through any amplification you can throw at it. For as dry and heavy as they are, the cymbals are surprisingly crash able, producing a loud, long sustain. The Dark Matter rides are available in 20-inch and 22-inch sizes.

Dream has branched out from the norm with these new cymbals. Dark Matter rides are better suited for high-volume situations, but they still offer some complexity of sound.

Though weighted as rides their unique personality makes them awesome beasts of a crash when you hit them hard, with huge long sustains.

The Dream Dark Matter Cymbals with their deep powerful tone and ample high overtones, to cut through any amplified situation, will surely stimulate your grey matter!

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