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Istanbul Agop Cymbals

Istanbul Agop, the cymbal producer based in the Republic of Turkey, is a company so steeped in the history of cymbal-making that it's something of a surprise that it is only 30 years old. It is one of two companies that formed after the split of Istanbul Cymbals, adopting a more progressive approach towards sound and designs, while staying true to the tradition.

Istanbul Agop Cymbals are well respected for their unique sound, the formula of which is known only to the owners of the firm.

Blending generations of workmanship and new world technology into a product of unmatched quality and sonic abilities, Istanbul Agop cymbals, are the ultimate in handmade Turkish cymbals

The Cindy Blackman OM series were designed in conjunction with Cindy to capture the vibier, more dynamic cymbal sounds from the golden era of jazz. The 15” Hihats are low, dark and sloshy, with a clear chick and a dark and mellow wash. Crashes are paper thin, with an explosive attach and quick decay. The 20” makes a dynamic, yet powerful and versatile left side or crash/ride.

Home to the company's most personalized cymbals, Istanbul Agop cymbal’s Signature Series are outstanding examples of cymbal making. Such cymbals demand to be played into, and all variations in dynamics and speed that are thrown at them were taken in their stride.

Echoing the earlier designs of the vintage Turkish cymbals, the Istanbul Agop 30th Anniversary cymbals are uncannily similar to the vintage Turkish Ks. The 30th Anniversary cymbals, with their own timbre, shape, complexity, dynamic and feel, are full of character, subtlety and uniqueness In a nod to vintage aesthetics, the cymbals are free of any transfer logos, being identified instead by three vertically-arranged stamps.

Istanbul Agop offers cymbals for every type of drummer and every style of music from heavy metal to light jazz.

Istanbul Agop cymbals has got you covered!

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