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With experimentation, integration and revolution reflecting the current state of music, Paiste’s cymbal program continually invigorates the seemingly never-ending capacity for new ways of expression.

The Paiste 2002 Cymbal range's status is legendary and if you can handle the price, the results are more than worth it. There's not one cymbal among this lot that doesn't impress when judged on its own terms. The 2002 series makes as much sense now as it did nearly 35 years ago.

If they were good enough for Bonham, they're sure good enough for us- the bold, broad, and bronzed Paiste’s legendary Giant Beat cymbals. While there is an inescapably retro angle to the Paiste Giant Beat cymbals, they do share many of the timeless qualities of the current musical landscape. The forerunners of Paiste's now classic 2002 range, the Giant Beats are designed to help drummers compete with the increasing volume and frequency ranges that today several genres demand.

The latest editions to Paiste's ever expanding Signature line are a distinctive-looking set of hi-hats and 'Thins' (crashes). These new models, named 'Crystals', find Paiste revisiting a design concept first seen on cymbals from the now defunct Sound Creation range. The two-section angled bell imparts some unique sonic characteristics to the Paiste Signature Series cymbals. Whether beating quarter note hits into the crash or firing triplets into its stingy bell, this is the cymbal for you. "

Bridging the gap between the classic sparkling, harmonious Paiste sound and the darker, more complex characteristics typical of cymbals of Turkish descent, the Paiste Twenty Series cymbals are a great blend of clarity and definition with some exotic sonic characteristics.          

With Paiste Cymbals, you can, explore possibilities, expand your sound spectrum, creatively develop your individual musical expression and realize your musical dreams.

No drummer can deny the full bodied wave of beauty which emits from these Paiste Cymbals.

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