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Ludwig Snare Drums

The Ludwig Legacy was built on a foundation of legendary snare drums that are often imitated, never duplicated. Setting the industry standard since 1911, the Ludwig Snare Drums are in a league of their own.

Listen to any hit song from the 60's through today and chances are you're hearing a Ludwig Snare Drum.

The Black Magic 100th Anniversary snare drum is part of Ludwig's Century Collection. As the originator of its Black Nickel-Over-Brass shell composition, the Ludwig Black Magic Snare drum delivers volume, tonal clarity, and optimal snare response. It’s matching die-cast hoops for increased volume, and tube-style lugs for maximum shell resonance, definitely fits any playing situation; from rock to jazz to country and beyond.

Priced to fit the budget of the working musician, the Ludwig Black Magic 100th Anniversary Snare Drum is not just a snare drum to be appreciated for tone and function; It is truly a piece of history.

From the smooth round perfection of the bearing edge to the precision cut of the snare bed, Ludwig Snare Drums are the most toured and recorded snare drum in the world and with good reason.

With the touring player's demands in mind, the Ludwig Centennial Snare drum series combines the warmth and projection of quality North American Maple shells with a choice of four custom configurations that externalizes Ludwig's reputation for snare drum innovation and excellence.

From Jazz to Metal, the Ludwig 400 Series Snare Drums with Imperial lugs or tube lugs, smooth or hammered shells provide the perfect sound in the studio or on stage. If you are a Led Zeppelin & John Bonham lover, this is the drum for you, very durable, powerful, snappy, deep, extremely versatile and most of all affordable. If you don’t already have one, make that your next purchase. Sonically and structurally the LM400 series is a tribute workhorse for the performing musician.

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