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Xylorimba Rental

We have a selection of Deagan and Leedy Xylorimbas in our rental collection.  Xylorimbas sound more like a xylophone in the middle to upper register and more like a marimba in the lower register.  

Our Deagan xylorimba, or as Deagan called it "marimba-xylophone", is 4.5 octaves C-F and is more marimb-likea than xylophone-like in the middle to lower register. 

Our Leedy xylorimba is 4.5 octaves F-C and is more xylophone-like than marimba-like in the middle to upper register. 

Both instruments are perfect for repertoire of Messiaen, Boulez, and other modern French composers.  Puccini's Turandot even calls for a bass xylophone which theses instruments work well for.

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