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Yamaha Snare Drums

Yamaha brought a fresh approach to the yamaha snare drum lines of the past, combining thinner shells with low-mass hardware that brought the warm punch of maple with their Absolute Maple Nouveau series.

Handmade in Japan, the Yamaha Nouveau series snare drums reflect the pride of the Japanese woodworking tradition. The thinner shells of the Absolute Nouveau series deliver all the richness of the maple sound and with their unique Air Seal System, uniform shells with no dead spots or inconsistent areas are produced, for clear, vivid tones that strike a perfect balance between edgy punch and full, round warmth.

The designers at Yamaha snare drums have been listening to their roster of worlds most acclaimed drummers for years, using their feedback to turn out highly rated and raved over products that define their signature sound.

When it came to snares, they gave up trying to please the pros with one or two models, and the Yamaha Signature Snare Drum series was born. The best quality materials go into every shell in this line, with hardware and heads to match, the exacting specifications of luminaries as Steve Gadd, Bill Cobham, David Garibaldi and others.

Within each Yamaha snare drum Series there's a selection of sizes and finishes to choose from, a selection of maple, birch and beech wood varieties to choose from, and a selection of metallurgic varieties, meaning that you can almost create your own signature snare.

The Yamaha Signature snares lets you choose from a wide variety of carefully selected premium features and options to better complement your playing style, without the price tag that often comes with entirely custom instruments.

The look, the sound, and the feel come together for the player to create what Yamaha calls "kando"- a Japanese word meaning "an inspired state of mind." And isn't that what every musician wants to experience when they make music?


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