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Dream Energy Cymbals

The Dream ENERGY series cymbals offers a modern sound palette in a hand hammered cymbal. This bright, hard-hitting line meets the needs of anyone playing primarily in an amplified setting who is looking for a loud, bright, and penetrating quality that will cut through the sound of the rest of the band and deliver the energy of the drummer right to the audience.

Energy cymbals are currently marked simply “Dream” followed by the designation “Ride,” “Crash,” etc. These cymbals are machine-hammered and, sure enough, they are the most consistent of the bunch. Lathing and hammering were such that these could easily go up against many an expensive Western cymbal—balanced in tone, responsive, long-sustaining, and lacking in some of the haunting overtones that distinguished the other lines.

Unique to the Dream ENERGY line, the bell is left un-lathed focusing the weight of the cymbal in and around its center. This results in a cymbal that has a slightly exotic timbre with all the sound qualities that a rock or metal drummer is listening for combined with a raw, unrefined look. Dream ENERGY cymbals are also excellent recording cymbals that will have you sounding great in the studio.

The 16" E series crash has a bright pitch, with a quick explosion and a fast decay. Again, a slight exotic timbre lurked in the background, affording a little extra tonal body.

The 22” E series is an ideal compromise between trash and treasure, all at a substantial discount. The crashes hint at the exotic Chinese indigenous overtones, but leans towards the Western side of the sonic divide.

With a signature unfinished bell and considerably heavier weight, these cymbals mean business! A perfect complement to the Bliss and Contact series, the Energy series has all that and more. More volume, higher pitch, longer decays and still a truly hand-hammered masterpiece.

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