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Toca Bongos

The Toca Bongos are definitely a popular choice among musicians. The body of the drum is made from Asian Oak with top grade bison heads. The contemporary Afro-Cuban designed to enhance volume and resonance. The bongo is an instrument that is best played in the seated position and the new and improved design from Toca allows for better improved seated play.

Toca offers a wide variety of bongos – traditional series, elite pro series, player’s series and synergy series. For the more discerning musician Toca also offers custom deluxe bongos in wood and fiber options. The new and improved series of Toca bongos have gold titanium vacuum-plated hardware with eight lugs for greater tuning range and an easy play Hoop. The bongos are also available in special finishes with unique colour tones.

If you are looking for fiberglass bongos, then Toca has a custom deluxe range created in the contemporary Afro-Cuban design. The durable luster chrome hardware is fitted with bison heads and is available in two colour tones. If you are at the intermediate stage of learning bongos then you would be happy to try out the Elite pro series of bongos. They are designed to seek the sound of full sized drums. It also comes with a fully adjustable double stand with single top plate mounting bracket

Honouring some of the great bongoceros, Toca Percussions has introduced a signature series of bongos dedicated to – Rafael Padilla, Eric Valez and Sheila E. The Rafael Padilla bongos are created keeping his signature style in mind. They are sized smaller than normal and also resemble the old style Cuban shaped bongos. Keeping in tune with Rafael’s crisp style of music, the instrument is designed to generate crisp highs without losing low frequencies.

Sheila E. is the true prodigy on percussion instruments. This special series of bongos are designed keeping her playing style in mind. The bongos are available in two-ply high premium Ash wood with a high gloss finish and matched top grade bison heads.

If you love your bongo beats at a frighteningly fast pace, the Eric Valez is definitely your favourite bongocero. His instruments are specially designed to be sensitive to fingertip touches and loud slaps. So if you want the experience the Eric Valez way of playing the bongos then be sure to pick up his special signature series available at Toca.

Toca also makes synthetic bongos in its synergy series. These bongos produce high tonal ranges and are constructed with ABS plastics with natural rawhide heads. 

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