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Gon Bops Cajons

The Gon Bops Cajons are handcrafted by Gon Bops Artisans in Peru. There is a large selection of Cajons that individually crafted to produce high quality instruments from indigenous high quality hardwood that is best suited for studio-quality sound and optimum playability.

Gon Bops specializes in creating hybrid instruments by combining the best features of various traditional percussion instruments to create high quality sound and better musical timbre. The options available in Gon Bops are – Alex Acuna Signature and Special Edition Cajon, Bata Cajon, Bongo Cajon, Conga Cajon, Djembe Cajon, Flamenco Cajon, Pedal Cajon and Udu Cajon.

The Gon Bops Alex Acuna Cajons are created to give the highest sound quality. Keeping with Alex’s signature style the Cajon provides plenty of bass and warm ‘high-end’ pop. The special edition has been painstakingly designed with an inlay and is designed to reduce the sounds of snare wires. This instrument is best suited for Cajon and Flamenco music styles.

The Gon Bops Bata Cajon combines the traditional sounds of the Bata with the more unique musical timbre offered by the Cajon design. A new combination of design is the Bongo Cajon, a box like instrument that can be played in the traditional Bongo style. Its versatility of sound allows it to be used for a wide variety of musical applications.

Peruvian Mohena is the choice of wood to craft the Gon Bops Conga Cajons. A set that can produce sounds as varied as a dark mellow tone to a high-end pop. This is the perfect choice for any musical setting. The Gon Bops Djembe Cajon is the perfect choice of combined traditional instruments if you are looking for that loud slap with plenty of bass.

The Cajon has been an instrument that has greatly influenced the Flamenco and Rumba styles of music. Gon Bops Peruvian built Flamenco Cajon is a lightweight instrument equipped with internal steel wires for that traditional Flamenco snare sound. One of the innovations of Gon Bops is to add the pedal to the traditional Cajon. For the musician looking to play complex music patterns, the bass beats can be taken care of by the pedal system.

A creative and unique drum combination is the Gon Bops Udu Cajon, whose sound can be manipulated by playing with the sound hole.  It can also be played like a Doumbek by placing it under the arm. This unique creation of Gon Bops is definitely a must for the collection of every percussionist. 

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