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LP Cajons

LP offers a range of LP Cajons for the beginner and professional percussionist. If you are just starting to experiment with your Cajon then you can consider the LP Aspire series that offers three models for students and beginners. The LP range for professionals offers special creation by master percussionists and some unique combinations developed by LP.

The LP Aspire Cajon which is the basic model is made from solid hardwood with a front ply hardwood playing surface. It is also equipped with adjustable internal snare wires that can be used to produce that unique Flamenco beat. With a textured seating surface, it offers a comfortable position for the percussionist. If you like your Cajons to have striking finishes, then you might consider buying the LP Aspire Accent series cajon which offers some exquisite surface finishes in Sun burst, White Burst, Blue Burst and Dark Wood. For the younger enthusiasts, LP offers a scaled down version in its LP Aspire Junior Cajon. This unique hybrid Peruvian design combines an adjustable front striking surface with two sets of internal snare wires that produce high-quality sound. If you need the high bass notes combined with deep dark tones, then this is the perfect instrument for you.

The renowned flamenco guitarist and instrument maker, Mario Cortes has created the LP Cajon by Mario Cortes. This is a patented construction system made from the finest woods to produce loud and deep tones. Each Cajon is handmade and tested for sound quality. The Mario Cortes LP Soul Cajon has a unique acoustic nature and is equipped with tuning wrench.

The LP Kevin Richard Cajon is made in Spain with the hand constructed birch sound board. The adjustable rear port allows for alteration of bass response. The LP Bongo Cajon is a unique Cajon from which we can produce Bongo sounds. It has been redesigned with tapering sides to allow for easy holding between the legs while playing. It has two complimentary high and low bongo pitches.

The LP Angled surface Cajon is a better design that facilitates various sounds. The burled wood playing surface offers superior bass resonance and enhanced sound. It also has internal snare wires if you want to produce the Flamenco sound.

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