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Meinl Cajons

Meinl is always known in the market for its funky designs and the eclectic finishes it gives its percussion instruments. The Meinl Cajon is made of Rubber wood with the striking surface made from Makah-Burl. Meinl has a series that is suitable for young and smaller built players.

The Meinl Nino Cajon from the house of Meinl percussion is of smaller dimensions as compared to the regular Cajon but delivers the same classical sound. It is best suited for children and beginners. It is made from high quality materials that ensure a long life and comes with a tuning wrench. Meinl has a patented integrated mute string design for its String Cajons that helps in controlling the tension of the strings to ensure a sizzling sound effect.Professionals may also be interested in this instrument if they want to add another dimension to their percussion experiments.

The new Bongo Cajons by Meinl are made from rubber wood and are great sounding. The size is made suitable for children and the instrument can produce high and low pitches akin to the traditional bongo drums. It is conveniently designed to either be held on the knees or placed on the floor.

If you want to entice your child to try out a new percussion instrument then you should definitely consider purchasing the new Deep Sea Designer Cajon by Meinl. It is created from an eco-friendly medium density fiberglass board with applique graphics. The Meinl Cajon also comes in a unique trapeze design with internal snare wires to produce that much loved Flamenco sound.

The series of Meinl Cajons for professionals include the Snare, Headliner, Ergo and Pickup string options. Meinl professional series offers a variety of Bongo Cajons – the regular Bongo Cajons, Snare Bongo Cajons and Professional Bongo Cajons. The Meinl pick up cajon is equipped with a pickup microphone and a volume control system. Meinl also has a series of Cajons equipped with bass pedals to create more complex tunes.

Aside from the traditional wood line, Meinl offers Cajons made from carbon fiberglass as well. They retain the traditional sound and a preferred by many professionals as it offers more sound options that are not possible in traditional instruments. The Meinl Headliner designer series Cajons are available in five different motifs. The cloth covered version offers a crisper sound as compared to bare wood Cajons. The entire line is manufactured with medium density fiberglass board. Meinl offers the Cajon bag that is designed to protect the instrument during transportation. 

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