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Pearl Cajons

Pearl percussion offers a series of Cajon that are designed as per the traditional Cajon and also some unique fusions of other traditional percussion instruments with the Cajon design. The Primer Box Cajons by Pearl are made from the Asiatic Pine and are finished in a matte layer. The Elite line of Pearl is another traditional Cajon design made from Thai Oak. Four individual tuning strings act as snares across the front plate offering wide range of tones.

Pearl produces a special line of Cajons for children to encourage them to take up this unique and traditional percussion instrument at a young age. It is made from fiberglass and is smaller than normal to suit young players. It is also finished in bright attractive colours and designs to best suit the children’s choices.

The Pearl Jingle Cajons are designed in conjunction with Pete Korpela and offer four different sound possibilities. The fiberglass body offers for more sound possibilities and increased sensitivity. By just opening the Brazilian Pratinela-style jingles you can experience a whole new world of sonic options. If you want other jingle options you just need to open up a Stainless Steel tambourine jingles.

Honouring the world famous percussionist Jesus Diaz, Pearl has created the Signature Radial Edge Cajons. This instrument produces traditional sounds with some modern features that have been added to increase comfort and playability. If you are looking for the richest Cajon experience then this is definitely the instrument that you need to consider. The Signature series of Jesus Diaz are wedge shaped Cajons created from Thai Oak with Amarnath Red finishes.

Pearl’s latest innovation, the Boom Box Cajon creates from never-before heard low frequency sounds from a fiberglass cajon. A fixed snare system and a built in bass support help to produce some subsonic frequencies that are unique and one of a kind. If you are an avid drummer then this is the perfect instrument to add to your collection.

Pearl produces a series of Elite Tube Cajons that are available in three different sizes and can be easily transported as they fit into each other. They are made from Oak and are a convenient option for a travelling percussionist. Pearl also has a travel Cajon that is equipped with all the features of a full-sized instrument.

Pearl also provides Cradles and Bags that make for better playing and transportation options for professional Cajon players.

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